A Root Canal and the SUPER BOWL: The Legend of Doug Williams



This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday (and we are OPEN if you need us). So in honor of the big day, we will talk about the legend of Doug Williams, the 1988 Super Bowl, and root canals.   In 1988, Doug Williams went from a back-up quarterback on a bad team to the starting quarterback for a team (the Washington Redskins) in the Super Bowl. Everything was going great, but Doug wasn’t feeling great. After a weeklong media frenzy, Doug experienced severe pain on a tooth connected to a dental Read more […]

Does KE$HA Love Teeth More Than Us?

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Award-winning, mega pop star Ke$ha is currently recovering  in rehab. Even before rehab, Ke$ha had a very interesting passion: collecting teeth and making art out of them. Thus far, Ke$ha has made a tiara (pictured below), bracelets, rings, and even a bra! Ke$ha always seems to need more teeth for another art project, which has prompted many fans to send their teeth to her for her creations. Her rehab facility, as reported by TMZ.com, has issued a TOOTH BLOCK. Fans are no longer allowed Read more […]

We Are Here To Help

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I am a dentist who proudly serves an amazing community. I have a connection to many of my patients that is more than just a dentist to patient relationship. We are one big family. I have seen way too much bad dentistry in the Los Angeles area. It seems like every bargain that looks ”too good to be true” is, in fact, too good to be true. We have promotions, contests, and giveaways, but it is near impossible for us to have the lowest prices without sacrificing quality. We keep our prices competitive, Read more […]


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Mouth guards come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, we have made some very cool custom mouth guards with logos, personalized colors, and even blinged out with jewelry! We will post many of them at a later date. Mouth guards have been around for a long time, and they have been used in collegiate and professional sports for many years. Check out a few of the USC football mouth guards by Gina and Dr. Roges from the USC dental team! The main purpose of the guard is so your teeth don’t smash and Read more […]

The Wisdom of Woody Allen and 24 HOUR EMERGENCY DENTAL CARE

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  Came across this great quote from Woody Allen in a recent issue of Esquire Magazine. Thought I’d share it with you.     Woody is right. Dental pain can take down the biggest, strongest of people. It’s amazing how one little nerve on one little tooth can keep you up at night, drive you crazy, and even make you sick. It reminds me of my experiences as the student dentist for student athletes at USC. Whether it was the top linebacker or lineman in the country, if Read more […]

What Are Custom Whitening Trays?

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At the Pico and Encino offices, we offer a whole assortment of whitening options. From a basic in-office whitening to a ZOOM in-office whitening and a KOR System whitening. They all are effective to different degrees, and they also have a price range starting under 60 dollars. One of the most popular and effective whitening options is for our office to make you your very own custom trays with a take home whitening gel kit.  What is the process like for having your own custom trays made? How Read more […]

Are You My Victim?

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Are You My Victim? Terrible motto for a dental office, but the title of a brilliant book by author/artist Richard Moore of Robot Chicken and The Legendary Vlad fame.   Richard was nice enough to give our office a shout out in his latest masterpiece. We do want to mention that we take pride in providing gentle dentistry in a calm and relaxing environment. No scary gigantic drills, like the one seen in this picture 🙂 Read more […]