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Same-Day Crowns can be made at both of our offices. We have the latest 3-D camera which offers full color dental scans and impressions. Take advantage of the latest technology! Why have a tooth prepared (drilled) for a crown, pack a string around a tooth into the gums, take a messy impression, and put a temporary on a tooth only to come back in two weeks and hope the new crown fits so they can cement it? With Same-Day Crowns a patient can come in, prepare a minimally invasive partial crown  (onlay, Read more […]

What We Are All About

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designing Joe's Same-Day Crown after removing decay and placing medication over the affected areas

We received a beautiful testimonial/email from Joe T. I really feel like his experience gives a nice survey of a few of the key procedures we perform at our offices. It also shows how our procedures, equipment, and technology really can make a huge difference. Joe was kind enough to allow us to share his X Rays and images. Here it is:   ” At 10pm on a Saturday night my tooth started aching. It was hypersensitive to anything cold that i put in my mouth. I texted Dr. Gabe and asked Read more […]

A Root Canal and the SUPER BOWL: The Legend of Doug Williams



This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday (and we are OPEN if you need us). So in honor of the big day, we will talk about the legend of Doug Williams, the 1988 Super Bowl, and root canals.   In 1988, Doug Williams went from a back-up quarterback on a bad team to the starting quarterback for a team (the Washington Redskins) in the Super Bowl. Everything was going great, but Doug wasn’t feeling great. After a weeklong media frenzy, Doug experienced severe pain on a tooth connected to a dental Read more […]

We Are Here To Help

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I am a dentist who proudly serves an amazing community. I have a connection to many of my patients that is more than just a dentist to patient relationship. We are one big family. I have seen way too much bad dentistry in the Los Angeles area. It seems like every bargain that looks ”too good to be true” is, in fact, too good to be true. We have promotions, contests, and giveaways, but it is near impossible for us to have the lowest prices without sacrificing quality. We keep our prices competitive, Read more […]

The Wisdom of Woody Allen and 24 HOUR EMERGENCY DENTAL CARE

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  Came across this great quote from Woody Allen in a recent issue of Esquire Magazine. Thought I’d share it with you.     Woody is right. Dental pain can take down the biggest, strongest of people. It’s amazing how one little nerve on one little tooth can keep you up at night, drive you crazy, and even make you sick. It reminds me of my experiences as the student dentist for student athletes at USC. Whether it was the top linebacker or lineman in the country, if Read more […]