Dr Gabe’s 5 Things You Should Know About Veneers

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When looking to improve your smile, veneers are often the treatment of choice for a total mouth makeover. At Rosenthal Dental, I have placed hundreds of veneers, and I have helped countless patients gain new confidence in their smiles.   Here are 5 things you should know before deciding on veneers:     1: When done correctly, veneers do NOT require a lot of drilling, and they should not be very thick.   *here is an actual veneer we placed. Notice that Read more […]

Creating a SAME-DAY Smile Makeover

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  Debbie had always been afraid to show her smile. She had always wanted to fix her teeth, but she was short on time and had a limited budget….   Good thing she met me.   After a consultation, Debbie was ready to have a smile she can be proud of! We removed the cavities and internal silver fillings, and prepared the teeth as conservatively as we could. Our expert staff then scanned her teeth using a digital impression. No putty, no mess, no gagging! We Read more […]


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Same-Day Crowns can be made at both of our offices. We have the latest 3-D camera which offers full color dental scans and impressions. Take advantage of the latest technology! Why have a tooth prepared (drilled) for a crown, pack a string around a tooth into the gums, take a messy impression, and put a temporary on a tooth only to come back in two weeks and hope the new crown fits so they can cement it? With Same-Day Crowns a patient can come in, prepare a minimally invasive partial crown  (onlay, Read more […]

Essential Oils? Herbal Dentistry? My Stance

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There is no question about it, your entire body is connected. Just like the song says: Your head bone’s connected to your neck bone.. or something like that. This is the exact reason why someone who had a major hip surgery or heart valve replacement needs to be pre-medicated (as a precaution) before any dental work. We don’t want bacteria, decay, or disease from your mouth to go into your blood stream and accumulate or damage other parts of your body. Numerous studies show (for more info email: Read more […]