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Debbie had always been afraid to show her smile. She had always wanted to fix her teeth, but she was short on time and had a limited budget….


Good thing she met me.



After a consultation, Debbie was ready to have a smile she can be proud of! We removed the cavities and internal silver fillings, and prepared the teeth as conservatively as we could.

Our expert staff then scanned her teeth using a digital impression.

No putty, no mess, no gagging!

We then designed the new teeth using CAD/CAM technology:



The conservative crowns were milled out of our 3D-Printer, and I added some extra contours and anatomy. I then added some stain and glaze to match her neighboring teeth the best I could and came out with this result:


Want a smile you can be proud of?

Just give us a few hours.


All the best,


Gabe and the Rosenthal Dental Team

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