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When looking to improve your smile, veneers are often the treatment of choice for a total mouth makeover. At Rosenthal Dental, I have placed hundreds of veneers, and I have helped countless patients gain new confidence in their smiles.


Here are 5 things you should know before deciding on veneers:



1: When done correctly, veneers do NOT require a lot of drilling, and they should not be very thick.


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*here is an actual veneer we placed. Notice that it is so thin that light shines through it



2: Veneers come in many different materials

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*Different types of porcelain, composite, and even zirconia are available depending on a patient’s needs



3: You will never need to whiten veneers. Veneers virtually stay the same color forever

Make sure you choose a color you will be happy with a decade from now. If you are only doing a few veneers, make sure they match your surrounding teeth


*We had the challenge of making the front four veneers blend in with his natural teeth to perfection

4: Not all veneers are created equal. Do you want ‘Chiclets’ or a million dollar smile? High quality veneers can make all the difference


5: Not all dentists are created equal. Any dentist can legally do veneers, but do you want to just go to some random office? Have the veneers done right, and have the veneers done once!


*paying a visit to the world famous da Vinci dental labs, where many of my veneers are designed

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