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In our last post, we talked about ZOOM! In-Office Whitening-

In that post I mentioned that ZOOM! Whitening is still

Everyone is different. We need to find a system for YOU. Some people have very sensitive teeth, or they may have had ZOOM! and had some discomfort afterwards. ZOOM! causes different degrees of sensitivity for different people.


The BASIC IN-OFFICE WHITENING is also a laser whitening treatment (like ZOOM!) that has up to three 15-minute rounds of whitening. However, it has been known to cause far less sensitivity than ZOOM!. With the Basic Whitening, we can’t guarantee the same whitening results as ZOOM!, but our patients have been very satisfied, and the results speak for themselves.

The second advantage for choosing the BASIC IN-OFFICE WHITENING is the cost. Right now, we offer a Basic Whitening for only $97 (prices subject to change) through the Summer. Those who purchase the Basic Whitening are also offered their own CUSTOM WHITENING TRAYS with WHITENING GEL for a discounted price to prolong that new white smile.

What are whitening trays? Click here:

Here is an actual BASIC WHITENING done for a patient who was too sensitive for ZOOM!


For more information or to schedule your whitening consultation call the office or email us at

Let’s find out which whitening system works best for YOU!


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