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Same-Day Crowns can be made at both of our offices. We have the latest 3-D camera which offers full color dental scans and impressions. Take advantage of the latest technology! Why have a tooth prepared (drilled) for a crown, pack a string around a tooth into the gums, take a messy impression, and put a temporary on a tooth only to come back in two weeks and hope the new crown fits so they can cement it? With Same-Day Crowns a patient can come in, prepare a minimally invasive partial crown  (onlay, inlay) or full crown, scan it, print and cement it all in one visit. No temporary and no second appointment.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

Come in and meet this guy: DSCF1075Step 2:

Using conservative techniques, we will remove any cavities or faulty fillings and scan your tooth and make an image like this: SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESStep 3:

We then choose and design the contours and shape of the partial or full crown and make it look something like this:SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


Step 4:

We then place some medicine on your teeth to avoid tooth aches and cement the Same-Day metal free porcelain restoration with a modern, strong cement, and it can look beautiful like this:



For more information on Same-Day Crowns and partial crowns, check out:



You can always call one of the offices to meet me and see if you are a candidate for a Same-Day Crown or email us at info@gaberosenthaldds.com

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