Teeth Whitening


At our dental offices, we offer many different teeth whitening solutions. Our offices have been using the latest Zoom Bleaching technology for over a decade and a half. The famous In-Office Whitening takes less than an hour, and it can make your teeth up to 8 shades lighter with long lasting results! All of the top cosmetic dentists agree that ZOOM! remains the ”gold standard” for same-day whitening.



For those who have very sensitive teeth, we offer the Basic In-Office whitening. This is a Laser Whitening that offers a more gradual and delicate bleaching experience. This is especially ideal for younger patients.We also offer our patients their very own custom trays for effective whitening at home.

Our offices also offer permanent whitening with the KOR ”Deep Bleaching System”.


KOR is a multi-visit treatment, but the results are unmatched and can last a lifetime! KOR whitens your teeth deep inside, and they are the only company that boasts the ability to remove tetracycline/brown internal staining, once thought to be untreatable. For such a strong treatment, KOR is also surprisingly gentle.


Our offices use many different whitening systems depending on each patient’s individual needs. If you have sensitive teeth, an isolated ‘’dark tooth’’, specific allergies, or other conditions, we will find the system that works best for YOU.  Call now for a whitening consultation.






















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