Creating a SAME-DAY Smile Makeover

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  Debbie had always been afraid to show her smile. She had always wanted to fix her teeth, but she was short on time and had a limited budget….   Good thing she met me.   After a consultation, Debbie was ready to have a smile she can be proud of! We removed the cavities and internal silver fillings, and prepared the teeth as conservatively as we could. Our expert staff then scanned her teeth using a digital impression. No putty, no mess, no gagging! We Read more […]

Why Large Fillings Don’t Work

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Today’s post is an important topic that has come up a lot in my offices. It is more educational than it is entertaining. Sorry.                          Tooth colored fillings, known as ”composites”, are one of the major advancements in modern cosmetic dentistry. For a small cavity or a chip on one of your front teeth, composites can be a perfect fix. They can look natural, and a tooth colored filling does not need a lot of additional drilling to put one Read more […]


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In our last post, we talked about ZOOM! In-Office Whitening- In that post I mentioned that ZOOM! Whitening is still Everyone is different. We need to find a system for YOU. Some people have very sensitive teeth, or they may have had ZOOM! and had some discomfort afterwards. ZOOM! causes different degrees of sensitivity for different people. The BASIC IN-OFFICE WHITENING is also a laser whitening treatment (like ZOOM!) that has Read more […]


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WHAT IS ZOOM! WHITENING? ZOOM! WHITENING is one of the most well-known IN-OFFICE whitening systems. You’ve probably seen it on TV shows, like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Extreme Makeover, and The Swan. ZOOM! has been around longer than most whitening systems. Our offices have been using it for over a decade. In my opinion, and in the opinion of the majority of the top cosmetic dentists, it remains the ”gold standard” for same-day whitening (there are other very effective multi-visit ”deep Read more […]

A Very Talented Artist: SHABSAISART.COM

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I recently came across this beautiful piece of art A PRAYER FOR THE DOCTOR, and I had to share it with everyone: This piece was a custom creation by the artist, Shabsai Uvsitzky (, for another customer, and I fell in love with it. Besides, I can always use a good prayer every now and again. His website has more information and a gallery filled with works that include portraits, sculptures, embroidery, leather crafts, and even art made out of real gold. It is all customizable, Read more […]


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Our Encino office has proudly been providing high quality dentistry to Emek Hebrew Academy since 1975! Many patients who came in as kids have started bringing their own kids to our office. We have been so fortunate to work with Emek: at health fairs, carnivals, and other community events. We are proud to offer our PRE-Pesach Special, which is the lowest prices we have EVER offered, and there will likely never be a better deal. As always, there are no hidden fees, no strings attached! What you see Read more […]

Quick Blurb on Same Day Crowns

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You keep hearing or reading about me discussing the benefits of a Same Day Crowns. I just wanted to show you a before and after of a recent case. The patient had an old silver filling, which broke out (luckily, it didn’t do more damage) and had a lot of decay under the filling. Before Same Day Crown technology, this was an obvious crown case for a dentist. Old fashioned crowns involve drilling the tooth down in all directions. Unfortunately, there is not much tooth structure left if a Read more […]

Speaking at Emek Hebrew Academy’s annual Health Week

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This morning I had the honor of speaking in front of almost 400 boys and girls at Emek Hebrew Academy in Sherman Oaks. The children were in Pre-First all the way to Fifth grade. This week was for their annual ”Health Week” where the kids had games, activities, and other events where they learned about health, nutrition, exercise and other things that are good for their bodies.   Rabbi Solomon (principal of Emek) and our dental assistant Stephanie   The PTA were kind Read more […]

What We Are All About

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designing Joe's Same-Day Crown after removing decay and placing medication over the affected areas

We received a beautiful testimonial/email from Joe T. I really feel like his experience gives a nice survey of a few of the key procedures we perform at our offices. It also shows how our procedures, equipment, and technology really can make a huge difference. Joe was kind enough to allow us to share his X Rays and images. Here it is:   ” At 10pm on a Saturday night my tooth started aching. It was hypersensitive to anything cold that i put in my mouth. I texted Dr. Gabe and asked Read more […]

Are You My Victim?

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Are You My Victim? Terrible motto for a dental office, but the title of a brilliant book by author/artist Richard Moore of Robot Chicken and The Legendary Vlad fame.   Richard was nice enough to give our office a shout out in his latest masterpiece. We do want to mention that we take pride in providing gentle dentistry in a calm and relaxing environment. No scary gigantic drills, like the one seen in this picture 🙂 Read more […]