Creating a SAME-DAY Smile Makeover

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  Debbie had always been afraid to show her smile. She had always wanted to fix her teeth, but she was short on time and had a limited budget….   Good thing she met me.   After a consultation, Debbie was ready to have a smile she can be proud of! We removed the cavities and internal silver fillings, and prepared the teeth as conservatively as we could. Our expert staff then scanned her teeth using a digital impression. No putty, no mess, no gagging! We Read more […]

INVISALIGN awarding Dr. Gabe the PREMIER PROVIDER designation



The representatives from Invisalign Invisible Braces came by the Encino office today to present an award, a custom cake, and a full meal (not Kosher, but it’s the thought that counts 🙂 ) to celebrate my award of being a ‘PREMIER PROVIDER’. A PREMIER PROVIDER is one of the top awards Invisalign gives out to only a small percentage of Invisalign providers. Last year, the Encino office team was the #2 most successful office in the entire valley area according to the reps! Congrats and great job Read more […]

Dr. Gabe’s Cameo on ”Raising Whitley”

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A few months ago, I had a great time with some of the cast from ”Raising Whitley” at our Encino dental office. It was actually the first time in a dental office for one of the stars, Joshua Whitley! They are great and the show is hilarious! Tune in to OWN (Oprah Winfrey’s Network) every week to ”Raising Whitley” Here is one of the clips from the show:

Being Interviewed on Empowerme.Tv

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A few weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to answer a few questions about how your diet affects your teeth. I also gave some advice on how you can eat pretty much anything you want and maintain a healthy smile using a few helpful techniques. I want to thank the entire Empowerme.Tv crew and especially the TV host, Ilana Muhlstein for the great experience! Empowerme.Tv is an amazing website/network, which features dozens of different shows all helping you live a better, healthier life. Check Read more […]

The ”Sticky” on Dentures: Everything You NEVER Wanted to Know

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Can’t you just pull out all of my teeth and give me dentures? I hear this question a lot more than you think. With the price of properly done dental procedures, patients sometimes think this may be the best option. My general philosophy on dentistry is that there is nothing better than your actual teeth in your mouth. If a tooth breaks, fix it before it becomes a problem. If you lose a tooth, place an implant in its place before neighboring teeth are affected by bone loss. We offer interest free Read more […]

Another Great Basic In-Office Whitening Case!

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Rosie came in for a teeth whitening consult. At my offices, we have an entire menu of options depending on what you are looking for, and depending on which system we know will for best for you. Rosie never had her teeth whitened, and she was afraid to do ZOOM! whitening based on her friend’s sensitivity experience. (I have had Zoom! many times, and I have never had any issues, but many patients experience sensitivity to different degrees.) Also, she did not want to do a take-home tray system Read more […]

Why Large Fillings Don’t Work

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Today’s post is an important topic that has come up a lot in my offices. It is more educational than it is entertaining. Sorry.                          Tooth colored fillings, known as ”composites”, are one of the major advancements in modern cosmetic dentistry. For a small cavity or a chip on one of your front teeth, composites can be a perfect fix. They can look natural, and a tooth colored filling does not need a lot of additional drilling to put one Read more […]


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 We are introducing a video portion to our website. In future posts, we will have videos on new products, new procedures, helpful videos, and other fun and entertaining videos.   There is no better way to kick off the videos than with a funny video with my friend Abe Markowitz, former USC Football Star. Abe was a highly recruited Offensive Lineman who ended up playing for the USC Trojans. Not only did he play most of the positions on the offensive line, but Abe was also named Read more […]


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WHAT IS ZOOM! WHITENING? ZOOM! WHITENING is one of the most well-known IN-OFFICE whitening systems. You’ve probably seen it on TV shows, like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Extreme Makeover, and The Swan. ZOOM! has been around longer than most whitening systems. Our offices have been using it for over a decade. In my opinion, and in the opinion of the majority of the top cosmetic dentists, it remains the ”gold standard” for same-day whitening (there are other very effective multi-visit ”deep Read more […]

A Very Talented Artist: SHABSAISART.COM

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I recently came across this beautiful piece of art A PRAYER FOR THE DOCTOR, and I had to share it with everyone: This piece was a custom creation by the artist, Shabsai Uvsitzky (, for another customer, and I fell in love with it. Besides, I can always use a good prayer every now and again. His website has more information and a gallery filled with works that include portraits, sculptures, embroidery, leather crafts, and even art made out of real gold. It is all customizable, Read more […]