Dr Gabe is the best. I woke up this morning with a swollen face due to an infection in my tooth. I texted him right away and he told me exactly what to do. He is the most caring person/ Doctor I know. I’m so blessed that I found him. He really puts you at ease and he is very knowledgeable. He cares and he’s compassionate. I will refer all my family and friends to him. Thank you Dr Gabe Rosenthal!
-Orly A
Best Dentist ever!!! Dr. Gabe Rosenthal is the most ethical, nice, caring, down to earth Dentist ever!! He has gotten rid of most of my dental anxiety!!!
-Valerie S






From our Facebook Page:


              Thank you so much for being so patient and gentle with me. You are the reason I no longer fear seeing the dentist. See you in a few weeks my dentist!!
-Cynthia B








A nice ”selfie” we received from another happy patient who finished Invisalign with us:


       Thank you Dr. Gabe!  You worked some magic!


-Megan O



A text we received from a happy patient who used our ”Deep Bleaching” KoR Permanent whitening system:


Hi Gabe! Yay for picture collages! It’s not super high quality, but you can certainly see the difference!

-Julie T




Dr. Gabe reassured me and told me that he’s available 24/7 if I need help. As instructed, I returned to the office where I was re-evaluated. Guess what?! Gabe the magician did it! He saved me from requiring a root canal. I know if I went anywhere else they would have gone straight for the root canal; however, Dr. Gabe is not like the rest. He’s WAY better! If you’re looking for the smartest, most reliable, and dependable dentist in the world, he’s the man to see.designing Joe's Same-Day Crown after removing decay and placing medication over the affected areas






-Joe T(click link above for full testimonial and story)


I love my teeth- now I’m going to smile too much and get wrinkles 🙂 Thanks again Dr. Gabe!








-Benjamin S


Dr. Gabe is a knowledgeable and trustworthy dentist. Everything he does is done with great care. I have only had the best experiences with him.


-Joel H

My six yr old and I both use Dr. Gabe. The care and patience Dr. Gabe and his team had for my son PRICELESS!


-Perry M


Dr. Gabe makes sure to give all of his patients the proper time and attention. He makes you feel comfortable as soon as you walk into the office. Highly recommended!


-Sara S


My son loves Dr. Gabe. He keeps asking me when we’re gonna come back to him. Also, my son is now very meticulous about brushing out all his “sugar bugs”.


-Keren Z


This Dr is so compassionate and caring and gentle..I HIGHLY recommend him


-Sue S



From our 5-STAR reviewed Facebook page:



Dr Gabe best dentist ever!!!!!!! Kind warm friendly and his work is incredible I recommend him to all!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars all the way 🙂

-Fay H



Want to thank Dr. Gabe Rosenthal and his staff for their time today. Always feel comfortable and in good hands for treatment when I visit. Thank you.

-Ryan S



I need to give a big shout out to Dr. Gabe Rosenthal whose skill and… precision saved me from needing a root canal on a tooth that was broken from an accident. Really appreciate you making time for me. I highly recommend him as your next dentist.




If you have ever gone to a dentist you know how brutal they can be. … Hearing the drill in another room, maybe a scream, and you turn and decide rotten teeth are better than a trip to the dentist.  Enter Dr. Gabe.  A dentist who not only gives you a play by play of any procedure being done, but does it in such that you forget your are having work done.  It’s actually an enjoyable experience going to see Dr. Gabe.  A true gentleman and a phenomenal and talented Doctor. 




I highly recommend Dr. Gabe Rosenthal. There are very few dentists who can make going to a dentist for a procedure effortless and easy. After searching for quite some time, I found a great dentist.



Dr Gabe! is the best dentist experience my five year old has ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend him to everyone especially children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s so patient and fun to be with!



I highly recommend Dr. Rosenthal. He is punctual, professional, and honest. I was completely satisfied by my visit to his office near Century City a few weeks ago


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