designing Joe's Same-Day Crown after removing decay and placing medication over the affected areas

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We received a beautiful testimonial/email from Joe T. I really feel like his experience gives a nice survey of a few of the key procedures we perform at our offices. It also shows how our procedures, equipment, and technology really can make a huge difference. Joe was kind enough to allow us to share his X Rays and images.

Here it is:


” At 10pm on a Saturday night my tooth started aching. It was hypersensitive to anything cold that i put in my mouth. I texted Dr. Gabe and asked for advice. He instructed me what to get from my local pharmacy and to come in to see him as soon as I could. A couple days later, I’m in Dr. Gabe’s office sitting there all nervous but relaxed by Dr. Gabe’s confidence telling me don’t worry, I’m going to make sure you’re ok. I get my Xrays and after review, Dr. Gabe shows me that I have a huge cavity, borderline requiring a root canal.”


I kind of flipped out in my mind because I had a root canal done in the past with a different dentist, and it was not a fun experience. Dr. Gabe calmed me down and told me he’s going to try to save me from needing root canal. He let me put on whatever I wanted to watch on the tv right in front of me, which was awesome because I was somewhat distracted while he proceeded to murder my tooth (jk). After delicately drilling my tooth, (I can tell Dr. Gabe takes after his dad who is amazing at being gentle while working on your teeth) one of his colleagues came in the room with this awesome device. He took this wand with a camera attached to it and started capturing my tooth. On the monitor I watched how it precisely rendered a 3D image of my tooth. After that I was completed, I got to watch as their new 3D printer began to print my new crown, it was amazing! After a few minor adjustments, Dr. Gabe secured my crown into place. It fit perfectly! He then instructed me to wait a week and return for a re-evaluation. The next morning I was pain free! Absolutely no sensitivity! No more aching tooth! joe2

”Over the next week, Dr. Gabe did not leave me alone. He kept checking in on me to make sure I was feeling okay. He reassured me and told me that he’s available 24/7 if I need help. As instructed, I returned to the office where I was re-evaluated. Guess what?! Gabe the magician did it! He saved me from requiring a root canal. I know if I went anywhere else they would have gone straight for the root canal; however, Dr. Gabe is not like the rest. He’s WAY better! If you’re looking for the smartest, most reliable, and dependable dentist in the world, he’s the man to see. Thank you so much Dr. Gabe!”

designing Joe's Same-Day Crown after removing decay and placing medication over the affected areas

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  1. Brian F.

    Dr. Gabe also saved me a lot of money. In the past I had gone to dentists that did unnecessary work to pad the bill. Dr. Gabe looks for ways to save your teeth and save you money!

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